India has completed 75 glorious years and here are a few quizzes to recall the important incidents that shaped the history of Independent India.

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#1. The first copy of the Indian Constitution was hand written by..

#2. The first Indian film to win the Prix Internationale award?

#3. How many banks were nationalised by Smt. Indira Gandhi on July 19, 1969?

#4. Operation Flood, which intended to increase the production of milk in India, was started in the year..

#5. Who established the first private commercial airline in India in 1932?

#6. When did Maharja Hai Singh of Jammu and Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession with India?

#7. The primary objective of Pradhan Mantri Poshan Shakti Nirman scheme is:

#8. Which of the following regarding the Constitution of India is true?

#9. According to Godse, the reason for his anger against Gandhi ji is:

#10. What was the frist IIT of India?

#11. The first ever amendment that was made to the constitution of India was:

In June 1951, the Constitution ( first Amendment) Bill amended Article 19(2) to include three new restrictions on the right to free speech. These were” Public order”, ” friendly relations with foreign states”, and ” incitement to an office”.


Under Article 19 a citizen can

  • freely express their thoughts and speech,
  • assemble in a public land without carrying any arm,
  • start or join any social union or association,
  • move deliberately from north to south or east to west within the territory of the nation,
  • inhabit or settle temporarily or permanently anywhere within the dominion of India,
  • choose any occupation on their interest.

#12. On March 30, 2023, government announced the merger of India's four film media units, namely Films Division, Directorate of Film Festivals,National Film Archive of India, and Childrens' Film Society of India under one umbrella. The name of the newly formed body is:

#13. The first ever Non-Aligned Movement summit was held at -------------- in 1931.

#14. The first regional party to form government in India?

#15. The first ever rocket launched by India was ..

#16. When was Lalit Kala Akademi established ?

#17. The Prime Minister of India, who infamously asked Indians to miss a meal on Mondays?

#18. The first ever panchayat raj began in which of the following villages?

#19. When was All India Radio established ?

#20. Who is regarded as the greatest exponent of Bharatanatyam in post-independent era?

Quiz Contributor:<br>Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam<gwmw style="display:none;"></gwmw>
Quiz Contributor:
Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam

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