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#1. Who are the exponents of UDC?

#2. When was UDC published for the first time?

#3. Which institution funded the UDC?

#4. Where is Institute International de Bibliography located?

#5. In which language was UDC published for the first time?

#6. The credit for introducing and popularising UDC in the United Kingdom, and from there to the Commonwealth countries, goes to ....

#7. What are the official languages for the maintenance of UDC?

#8. The UDC notation consists of the following sets of symbols:

#9. Identify the feature of notation in UDC?

#10. What helps in the expansion of UDC?

#11. The responsibility for the maintenance and updating of UDC lies with ..

#12. Which of the following is true regarding UDC?

#13. Which of the following is true regarding UDC?

#14. What are the drawbacks of UDC?

#15. What is infix?

An element or a number that interrupts another number, e.g.,
622 is mining and 333 is coal so that 622:333 is coal mining.
This number can be interrupted by infixing (410). Thus, in
622(410):333, (410) is an infix.


Intercalation The device that facilitates infixing explained under Infix above.


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