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#1. Identify Ranganathan's definition for Common Isolates?

#2. Identify DDC definition for Common Isolates?

#3. Who introduced the concept of CommonIsolates?

#4. What was the initial name of Common Isolates?

#5. When were form divisions( Common Isolates) first introduced?

#6. What is the name for common isolates in DDC?

#7. In which edition of DDC was the name form divisions changed to common subdivisions ?

The following are the different types of common isolates in DDC.
– 01 Philosophy and theory
– 016 Indexes
– 02 Miscellany
– 022 Illustrations and models
– 028 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, material
– 0285 Data processing
– 0288 Maintenance and repair
– 03 Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, concordances
– 05 Serial publications
– 06 Organisations and management
– 07 Study and teaching
– 072 Research
– 08 History and description of-the subject among groups of persons
– 09 Historical and geographical treatment

#8. What are common isolates called in UDC?

Anteriorising common isolates
Applicable before space facet in Colon Classification
a – bibliography
c – concordance
d – table
f – atlas
k – cyclopaedia
m – periodical

p – conference proceedings
v – history
w – biography

Anteriorising common isolates
Applicable after space facet
r – periodical administration report
s – statistics (serial)
Anteriorising common isolates
Applicable after time facet
T – commission report
t4 – survey
v – source material
v46 – genealogy
v6 chronology

Posteriorising Common Isolates in CC
Posteriorising common isolates are of three types, personality, matter and energy’
common isolates. They are to be attached to the host(core) class with their respective
connecting symbols, viz., comma, semi colon and colon. A personality common
isolate stands mainly for institutions, some of which- are as follows:
f – investigating- institution
f2 – observational institution
f3 – laboratory
g – learned body
h6 – museum
y – cultural organisation


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