Have your ever wondered that you are more connected to the interesting taglines than the brand names.

In this quiz, we will try to find the taglines of some of the popular motor companies.



#1. Identify the company with the tagline- Sheer Driving Pleasure

#2. Identify the company popular as The World's Favourite Indian?

#3. Identify the tagline of the Apollo Tyres.

#4. Which car popularised the tag Live Young Live Free?

#5. Which popular car of India is popular with the tagline 'Change Your Lie'?

#6. What is the tagline of Honda company?

#7. 'May the Weekend Never Ends' is a popular tagline of which of the following crazy bikes?

#8. Das Auto is the tagline of which of the following foreign car brands?

#9. Identify the "Tyres with Muscle"?

#10. Simply Clever is the tagline of which of the following car makers?

Quiz Contributor:<br>Teja Pradhana
Quiz Contributor:
Teja Pradhana

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