Reading Comprehension-5

You are a Scion of Ikshvaku yet you are lost in the market yard not knowing how to het grocery. You are a topper of IIT but can’t manage a square meal in the absence of your family. In these situations what fun is it to brag you with superlatives. Meanwhile, the children on streets whom we fondly call urchins and brats excel in meeting their ends. Now, the question raises as ‘What for are we striving in the schools?’ to make rubber stamps! Or white colored puppets!
The life skills mark their identity in every day’s life. The hen which fights pitched battles with Eagles, birds and even the people of the vicinity in order to save its’ chicken, leaves the young ones to manage themselves on attaining age. On the other hand, human beings go with spoon feeding to show the world that they take good care of their family. When the conch shell of parents plays in the ears how can a child play in the grounds? Without practical knowledge of ice and fire, how can that man taste the life? Who can take thrill in pleasure without the practical knowledge of a morsel of pain? Finally, What is a day, without a night?
When a question in competitive exam comes with word limit, we compress our words even when the thought gushes in torrents. Nevertheless, we expand the topic without a hint of idea about the same. Similarly, in our day to day life too one needs to manage. Often, we see youth standing still with lack of expression when an auto-driver or a shopkeeper cussing them with words they never heard or used. Even, they fumble for words to propose a girl of their choice, who is a close pale.
The situation looks grave when a graduate or a student from board classes find themselves in a tight spot to fill an application or to write a letter. The society grieves for producing such uneducated literates.
Here, the ‘LIFE SKILLS’ surface and mock the system. Changes are to be made to strengthen the spine of the nation. To prepare the youth for tomorrow, tomorrow’s yesterday should be strong. Poet’s celebrated nature and beauty, film makers have celebrated love and hatred. Let’s celebrate life with special skills while giving a little freedom to the tiny hands to throw a stone on the ripe mangoes, to run and fall on the hedges, to hear and assimilate some shit. We have grown hearing the celibacy of Bheeshma and fantasy of Krishna, let’s contribute a little lunacy to the next generation.

Answer the following questions that follows:

  1. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘the country grieves for producing such uneducated literates?
    a) Country is happy about the literates
    b) Country is unhappy about the literates
    c) Country is unhappy as the educated behaves like uneducated, when it comes to life skills.
    d) Country is unhappy as the uneducated behaves like educated, when it comes to life skills.
  2. What does the phrase ‘tomorrow’s yesterday’ refers to?
    a) Tomorrow
    b) Today
    c) Yesterday
    d) Day before yesterday.
  3. What is the source of developing the life skills among children?
    a) Freedom to play and have hands on practical knowledge.
    b) Freedom to become Bheeshma and Krishna
    c) Not to spoil their freedom by playing in the grounds
    d) Concentrate on studies.
  4. Identify the figure of speech used in the statement ‘Here, the ‘LIFE SKILLS’ surface and mock the system’.
    a) Hyperbole
    b) Simile
    c) Metaphor
    d) Personification
  5. Identify the synonym of the word ‘Proximity; the state of being near’ from the Para 2.
    a) Conch
    b) Vicinity
    c) Pitch
    d) Morsel

Answer Key is appended at the end.

Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,<br>( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)
Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,
( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)

Answer Key : 1.C 2.B 3. A 4.D 5.B

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