Reading Comprehension-4

It is true that every individual is responsible for his/her own happiness, nonetheless the undisposed fact is, happiness depends on external factors like your social status, friends and even financial status. This is so because we aren’t monks.
To begin with, a well settled man is open to speak and express his thought, wherein a poor man’s tongue should always lose the edge. What brings all of us here is our education. Can we expect the same freedom of expression from an uneducated? Without freedom of expression, without access to riches, attaining happiness is a rarity.
Often, we see people saying happiness is a state of mind. The fact is it is a state of mind for a well settled person. Truth always changes and wisdom is in understanding the fact. In many cases people earn to their posterity. I this process they lose the most promising relations, only to repent later on their loss, for such people it is quite perfect to think that the person is responsible for his/her own happiness as having everything which a common man craves for, yet is unhappy. Nevertheless, the poor too enjoys life provided they limit their needs. To me, happiness depends not only on the state of mind. Let us compare the life of two kids. A rich boy who is bereaved of his mother, envies the slum neighbor’s mother’s hug, at the same time the kid in the slums aspire to attend school like the former . Here it is evident that happiness depends on your aspirations. Let’s see the third fellow who has parents and takes regular schooling but is jealous of his friend who is a great dancer.
Henceforth, happiness lies in fulfilling aspirations. After reaching the goals one can feel satisfied therefore limit your needs, limit your aspirations to the fullest of your potential and strive to reach your targets. On reaching the target, every individual is responsible for one’s happiness.

Answer the following questions that follows:

  1. What is the passage about?
    a) Hard work c) Aspirations
    b) Happiness d) Goals
  2. As per the passage, what is happiness?
    a) Happiness is a state of mind.
    b) Happiness depends on an individual.
    c) Happiness has rarely some importance.
    d) Happiness is a state of mind of a well settled person.
  3. What is the aspiration of the poor kid?
    a) To be happy with his mother.
    b) To be bereaved of his mother.
    c) To attend schooling as the rich kid.
    d) He doesn’t aspire at all.
  4. Find out the synonym of the phrase ‘to take away someone’ from the passage given above.
    a) Bereave c) Potential
    b) Aspire d) Posterity
  5. Replace the word ‘nonetheless’ from the first paragraph with the best option given below.
    a) And b) But
    b) Yet d) so

Answer key is available at end of this post

Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,<br>( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)
Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,
( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)

Answer Key : 1. B 2. 3. C 4. A 5. B

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