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#1. Who conceptualised DDC?

#2. When was DDC published for the first time?

#3. Who is regarded as the father of modern, librarianship?

#4. To how many main classes did DDC divide the entire knowledge?

#5. How many auxiliary tables are there in DDC?

#6. Who developed UDC?

#7. What was the base for developing UDC?

#8. UDC is an example for...

The UDC was developed in 1895 by Paul Otlet and Henri Fontaine taking the DDC as its base. Their efforts resulted in the publication of a scheme called Manuel du Repertoire Universel Bibliographique, an almost-faceted scheme which involved adopting the almost-enumerative classification into one which allows synthesis.

It is a bibliographic classification available in three versions:

Full edition 2,2 1,000 terms
Medium edition. 70,000 (30% of the full edition)
Abridged edition 20,000 (10% of the full edition)

English edition is published by the British Standards Institution as BS:1000.

Now, the UDC is owned’, by a consortium (having members from England, Spain, Belgium, Japan, France and the FID itself). It is constantly revised and revisions are announced in its annual bulletin : Extensions and Corrections to UDC. At present, the UDC is being restructured to a fully faceted system.

#9. Who published Colon Classification( CC)?

#10. Who designed CC?

#11. When was CC published for the first time?

#12. Which scheme of classification is CC?

#13. What is the latest edition of CC?

7th edition. 1987

#14. What is the bulkiest classification system?

#15. Which type of scheme is Library of Congress Classification (LC)?

#16. How many classes are there in Library of Congress Classification (LC)?

#17. How many parts are there in Library of Congress Classification (LC)?

#18. How many volemes are there in Library of Congress Classification (LC)?

#19. Which of the following schemes of classification is based on literary warrant?

#20. The main classes in Library of Congress Classification (LC) are denoted by...


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