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#1. What is a category?

Ranganathan postulates that a subject is constituted of at the most ‘ five fundamental categories, namely, Personality, Matter, Energy, Space and Time

Mnemonic : PMEST

#2. A sequence of coordinate (equally ranked) classes arranged in some definite order is called ...

Ranganathan defines array as “a set of classes arranged in the proper sequence and derived from a
universe, on the basis of a single characteristic at any step in the progress towards a complete assortment of the entities of the universe”.

#3. Identify the examples of arrays.

#4. What are schedules?

#5. What is a chain?

The order in a chain is from general to specific or in the reverse order of specific to general.

The arrangement of entities in a chain is always hierarchical.

#6. Which of the following is not a chain?

all your brothers and sisters is not a chain but an array of class.

The arrangement of entities in a chain is always hierarchical.

#7. What is an index?

An index is an alphabetical approach to the systematic schedules. Topics which are scattered by discipline in the schedules are collocated in the index.

#8. What are the auxiliary concepts known as in DDC?

#9. What are the auxiliary concepts known as in CC?

#10. What are the auxiliary concepts known as in UDC?

#11. Who is known as classificationist?

A designer of a classification system is known as classificationist. S.R. Ranganathan, Melvil Dewey, H.E. Bliss, C.A. Cutter are a few outstanding names of classificationists

#12. Who is known as classifier?

#13. Which of the following statements regarding classification is/are true?

#14. What is an Enumerative classification?

#15. Which of the following is not an example of enumerative classification system?

Subject Classification of, Brown and Dewey Decimal Classification are good examples for Almost Enumerative scheme


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