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#1. What is a term with reference to classification?

#2. What is terminology?

#3. What is CRG?

#4. Where is CRG located?

#5. Where was the First International Study Conference held?

Dorking is a market town in Surrey in South East England, about 34 km (21 mi) south of London.


The First International Study Conference held at Dorking principally supported by CRG
saw to it that a comprehensive glossary of terms was developed for use at the international
level. The glossary was compiled by B.C. Vickery for the benefit of the new audience

#6. Who had identified three types of terms - normative, fundamental and associative in classification terminology ?

#7. What are normative terms?

Example: Canon of Differentiation

#8. What are fundamental terms?

Examples: Division, Characteristics.

#9. What are associative terms?

Open-ended array.

#10. What is the number of total terms used in the three editions of the Prolegomena to classification?

#11. How many normative terms are there?

#12. How many fundamental terms are there?

#13. How many associative terms are there?

#14. What are the three planes of work?

#15. How many words are there in Idea plane?

#16. How many words are there in verbal plane?

#17. How many words are there in Notational plane?

#18. Where was the Third International. Study Conference on Classification Research held ?

 Bombay in 1975

#19. Who took up the preparation of a glossary of classification terms in India?

Indian Standards Institution (now known as Bureau of Indian Standards)

#20. Who is the author of 'Prolegomena to Library Classification' (1937)?


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