This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams.

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Source : IGNOU B.Lib Modules



#1. According UNESCO, a book should have how many pages minimu?

As per the norms prescribed by UNESCO, a book should have at least 49
pages, 22 to 32 cm. height, and 1.5 to 4 cm. thickness.

#2. What is a simple book?

#3. What is a composite book?

If a composite book has a single generic title to denote all the contributions collectively, it is an ordinary composite book, otherwise it is an artificial composite book

#4. Which of the following is not an example of general book?

Cataloguing – Theory and Practice is a text book.


A book is either a general book, a text-book or a reference book. A general book deals with the subject in
a general way. A book giving general exposition on the subject, or a biography, or a fiction is a general book

#5. Which of the following is not suitable regarding to text-books?

Reference book =useful to be consulted or referred to for a definite piece of information


Guha’s Documentation and Information, Prasher’sIntroduction to Reprography, Vishwanathan’s Cataloguing – Theory and Practice and Krishan Kumar’s Theory of Classification are textbooks on documentation,
reprography, cataloguing and classification, respectively, meant for library science students

#6. Which of the following is not a reference book?

Dictionaries,e ncyclopaedias, yearbooks, almanacs, directories, gazetteers, atlases, biographical
dictionaries, etc. are all Reference books. The Oxford English Dictionary, Harrod’s Librarians Glossary to Terms Encyclopaedia Britannica, McGraw-Hill Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology, India- a Reference Annual, Imperial Gazetteer of India and Sen’s Dictionary of National Biography are some of the
examples of Reference books

#7. A publication which appears in parts or volumes at regular intervals with the intention to continue its publication for ever is called as...

#8. India - A Reference Annual is an example for ...

A serial is also a periodical publication but each volume embodies more or less similar information but updated, mainly relating to its year or period of coverage, India – A Reference Annual is an example of a serial.

#9. Who invented printing machine?

#10. A nascent, unedited, non-formalised presentation of findings with a considerable amount of usage of jargon, acronyms, abbreviations, etc is known as...

#11. No of pages in a pamphlet must be...

#12. What are standards?

#13. What are Specifications?

#14. What are patents?

#15. Which of the following are indispensable for industrial society?

#16. What is the official standardisation body in India?

Bureau of Indian Standards

#17. -------------------------is an agreement between a government and an inventor.

#18. Where is the patent office of India located?

#19. Identify the wrong one regarding trade literature?

#20. An illustration the distribution of many things that occur on the surface of the earth?


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