This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams.

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Source: IGNOU B.Lib modules



#1. What is VAPIS?

#2. What are NACIDS ?

#3. How many NACIDS were established by NISSAT?

NISSAT Access Centres to International Database Services (NACIDS)

i) Bangalore- National Aerospace Laboratory
ii) Calcutta- Indian Association for Cultivation of Science
iii) Madras -Central Leather Research Institute
iv) New Delhi -Indian National Scientific Documentation

v) Pune -National Chemical laboratory
vi) Ahmedabad -Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research
vii) Bombay -Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute
viii) Hyderabad -Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology
ix) Thiruvananthapuram -Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation

#4. What is the tool developed with 'the initiative of NISSAT to help the libraries and information centres in India to improve their housekeeping and service functions through automation?

#5. What is NTSTADS?

#6. Where is NTSTADS located?

#7. What is the CDS/ISIS based package developed by NISSAT to use materials in Devnagri and several other Indian scripts?

#8. What is JICST?

#9. What is the name of the News letter of NISSAT?

#10. Through which network NISSAT provides e-mail services?

#11. What is the name of union catglogue developed by NISSAT?

NISSAT intends to promote and support the development of a Union List of Current
Scientific Serials (ULCSS) in major cities – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta,
Delhi, Goa, Nagpur, Pune, & Ranchi. It has also completed a union list of scientific
serials in the oil sector. ULCSS Lists will serve as a valuable resource for scientists,
researchers, academicians and library professionals to provide information on the
availability of-serials in the selected cities, and to identify the gaps in the- acquisition of
serials by encouraging resource sharing

#12. What is the frequency of Indian Science Absrtracts?

Indian Science Abstracts, a semi-monthly abstracting service of INSDO

#13. What is NUCSSI?

#14. What is the software developed by INSDOC?

#15. What is the frequency of Annals of Library Science and Documentation ,which is a primary journal carrying original and review articles and others, published by INSDOC?

#16. When was National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC) established ? ( KVS Librarian REcruitment-2018 )

#17. Who publishes Indian Diary of Events?

#18. What is the frequency of Indian Diary of Events?

#19. NASSDOC' s current awareness publications are:

Other publications:Social, Science Research Index
(irregular), Social Science News: Index to Select Newspapers in English (monthly), and
Samajik Vigyan Samachar (monthly, Hindi).

#20. What is DESIDOC?

#21. When was What is DESIDOC established?

#22. When from DESIDOC became an independent institution under DRDO?

Defence Research and Development
Organisation (DRDO)

#23. What is the bi-monthly indexing service of DESIDOC?


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