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Pick the suitable options from the following. The school libraries at Primary, Middle, Secondary etc. levels should have the following functions:

i) acquiring, maintaining, lending and keeping track of books and other documents
relevant to the needs and interests of teachers and students;
ii) generating curiosity and interest ;among teachers and students about the material
available in the library, and heaping them in every way to identify and obtain what
they want;
iii) creating in the mind of a reader a value for books, and cultivating learning and
reading skills so a student becomes a discriminate: user of learning resources;
iv) engendering strong self-learning ability and skills for life-long learning;
v) enabling the teachers to use learning resources to support various programmes of the
school and for their own educational development; and
vi) to generate confidence interest in libraries for getting information.

Which of the following libraries are categorised as Academic libraries?

Polytechnic libraries comes under the category of ...

Identify the suitable cataloguing principle for primary section schools.

i. catalogue should be prepared by applying very simple cataloguing rules

ii .simple for the children to consult the catalogue when necessary

The budget allocation to the primary school library is..

Which of the following are required to be a primary school librarian?

Identify the suitable aims for which a secondary school library must play a positive role:

Which of the following is not a service offered by a secondary school library?

Select the relevant options:

At secondary school library, Statistical records, should be maintained relating to the following: 

1) Number of students using the borrowing facility
2) How many books are borrowed and how frequently
3) What kind of books are borrowed
4) Borrower's name; class, subject specialization, if they are in classes nine to
twelve, etc

The success of the library depends entirely upon the ....

Which of the following committees gave serious attention towards school libraries?

When was the All India Seminar on School Libraries organised by NCERT?

Where was the All India Seminar on School Libraries organised by NCERT?

Who was the director of the All India Seminar on School Libraries organised by NCERT?

A representative college library should, have at least ..... books per student.

The acquisition policy of a college library is policy is usually laid down by....

The classification scheme chosen by a college library should fulfill the following criteria:

Which of the following regarding physical facilities of libraries is true.

i. The University Grants Commission supports the concept of independent buildings for college library.

ii.A college library should have central location.

iii.facilities for browsing, for arranging exhibition, seminars, film-shows, etc., should be provided

iv.Special areas for teachers, researchers, need to be provided.

Who is the chairperson of the Library Advisory Committee of a College ?

Who is the member-secretary of the Library Advisory Committee of a College ?

Which committee recommended the setting apart of six per cent of the total college budget for the development of their respective libraries?

Which committee recommended ten per cent of the total college budget for the development of its library?

Which committee recommended the setting apart of 20 per cent of the college budget for the maintenance and development of the library?

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Quiz Contributor:<br>Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam<gwmw style="display:none;"></gwmw>
Quiz Contributor:
Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam

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