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Contributed by Smt Suneela Jyotsna, MA, M.Ed, NET


Unfinished works of English writers for UGC NET

  1. ‘Garden of Eden’ is the unfinished works of________.
    a) Thomas Hardy
    b) Ted Hudges
    c) Joseph Conrad
    d) Ernest Hemingway
  2. The unfinished work of PB Shelley is _
    a) Ode to a skylark
    b) The Triumph of life.
    c) O World! O Life! O Time!
    d) Hellas
  3. Which of the following works of Chaucer is unfinished?
    a) Canterbury Tales
    b) The Parliament of Fouls
    c) Troilus and Criseyde
    d) The House of Fame
  4. ‘The Mystery of the Edwin Drood’ was left unfinished by _.
    a) Charles Dickens
    b) William Makepeace Thackeray
    c) Charlotte Bronte
    d) Emily Bronte
  5. The unfinished work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge ‘Kubla Khan’ is a _
    a) Play
    b) Drama
    c) Poem
    d) Sonnet
  6. The unfinished work of Jane Austin due to her untimely death in the year 1817 is __
    a) Mansfield park
    b) Sedition
    c) Sense and sensibility
    d) Persuasion
  7. The unfinished work of Shakespeare is __
    a) Timon of Athens
    b) Henry VI
    c) Richard II
    d) Henry IV
  8. Christopher Marlowe left __ as his unfinished work
    a) The second Part of Tamburlaine the Great
    b) Tamburlaine the Great
    c) The Jew of Malta
    d) The Massacre at Paris
  9. ‘The New Atlantis ‘ is the unfinished work of the famous writer _
    a) John Lyly
    b) Francis Bacon
    c) Samuel Daniel
    d) John Milton
  10. J R R Tolkien, the father of modern fantast literature’s last work which was published posthumously by his son Christopher is __
    a) The Fall of Arthur
    b) The lord of the Rings
    c) The Hobbit
    d) Beren And Luthien

ANSWER KEY : Unfinished works of English writers for UGC NET
1.Ernest Hemingway
Note: Ernest Hemingway worked on Garden of Eden intermittently for more than 15 The 2. Triumph of life.
3.Canterbury Tales
Note: Canterbury tales is regarded as one of the best works of the time, was expected to have around 96 tales as there are 27 pilgrims described in the general prologue, and each is supposed to tell two tales on the way and of the way to his goal.
4.Charles Dickens
Note: Charles Dickens left the work unfinished, as he was disappeared and it was generally believed that he was murdered.
Note: Coleridge was a master of the tantalizing fragments. He couldn’t finish Kublai Khan as he was always setting off on grand projects.
6. Sedition

Note: Jane Austen died in 1817, where as PB Shelley died in 1822. The plot takes place in the seaside resort Sedition. This was promised to be a deadly satire of Regency follies.
7.Timon of Athens
8.The Massacre at Paris
9.Francis Bacon
10.The Fall of Arthur
Note: The British modern writer, J RR Tolkien is called as father of modern fantasy literature. The verses in ‘The Fall of Arthur’ imitates the old English Beowulf meter in modern English. In this poem Arthur was a migration period British Military leader fighting the Saxon invasions.

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