This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams.

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#1. What is entity?


“Any existent, concrete or conceptual -that is, a thing or an idea” is an entity for “example: A boy,-A book, Sweetness, A system of philosophy, A subject of study”.

#2. What is Universe?


“An aggregate under consideration in a given context”, aggregate, in its turn, “is a collection of entities, without any special arrangement among them”.

Universe may be of three types:

Finite Universe :”A universe with a finite number of entities, e.g., Students in a classroom”.

Infinite Universe :”A universe with an infinite number of entities, e.g., Universe of integers”.

Growing Universe :”A universe with new entities added to it or emprging,in it from
time to time, e.g., Subjects of study

#3. What is a group?


“Any sub-aggregrate of the entities formed by the division of the entities of a universe” is a group.

Groups, in their turn, are of two types:

Unitary Group Group consisting of one and only one entity.

Multiple Group Group consisting of two or more entities.

#4. What is a class?


Class is a ranked group and ranking is “arranging in a definite sequence the groups formed by the division of the entities of a universe, so as to arrive at an- assortmentof them”.

Classes are of two types

Unitary Class “Class comprising one and only one entity”
Multiple Class “Class comprising two or more entities”

#5. What is an Attribute?

Attribute is any property or, quantitative measure or quality possessed by or inherent
in an entity. Ranganathan has cited the following examples in the Prolegomena.


The following are some of the attributes of a book:

Form of expression, such as catechism, drama, prose, narrative, pictures, etc.
Year of publication

#6. What is Characteristic ?

On the other hand, a characteristic is “an attribute, or any attribute-complex with reference to which the likeness or unlikeness of entities can be determined and at least two of them are unlike”.



“Height is a characteristic of boys. But, possession of a face is not. Possession of a face is an attribute shared equally by all boys”.

#7. The Dewey Decimal. Classification (DDC) is a....

#8. What is Book Classification?

#9. What is a Bibliographic Classification?

#10. What is a Depth Classification?

#11. Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) was designed to be a....

#12. Library of Congress Classification is relatively a ............................

#13. 'Rider's International Classification (1961) and early editions of the DDC are examples of ....

#14. What is special classification?

Classification for a smaller area of knowledge, say for economics, occupational safety, environmental engineering, or leather technology, is known as Special Classification.

#15. What is General classification?

Special classification of the entire universe of knowledge is known as General Classification. Some call it Universal Classification.


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