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#1. The earliest method of charging books for home use was....

A ‘Day book’ was a register that recorded all daily transactions sequentially in a register.

#2. In which system, separate pages are allowed to each individual borrower/

#3. In which system, a block of wood or cardboard about the size of an ordinary book was covered with sheet of ruled paper on the back of which was entered the number of the borrower, call number, title of the book and date of issue?

#4. Which method made possible, for the first time, to identify of both the borrower and the book charged out.?

#5. In which system, a slip is prepared at the time of issue of a book, with the particulars of the book?

#6. The Browne system and the Newark system are two popular examples of which of the following charging systems?

#7. Who devised the Browne system of charging books?

Nina E. Browne devised a charging system which used pockets or envelopes for each borrower instead
of cards. When a book was to be charged, the book-card was removed and placed in the borrower’s pocket which bore the borrower’s name, address and registration number.

#8. Who introduced the Newark system of charging books?

This new system was adapted by the Newark (New Jersey) Public Library, and soon became popular. The simplicity and flexibility of this system made it adaptable to both small and large public libraries. Its positive attributes include accurate files, conveniently located at the circulation desk by
patron’s name, due date and call number.

#9. Which of the following is/are examples for Semi-Mechanical Systems of charging system?

#10. Browne Charging System is more popular in..

#11. What is a Flyleaf?

#12. What is a Gate register?


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